Full Plant Extracts!

Native Healing Oil. That's what I've named my vision. Native Cannabis plants from my breeding work are now processed into a full plant product. Grateful for the steps and lessons of Rick Simpson, I didn't want to name it RSO for all the bad press that has, and keeps happening in the RSO movement. Ricks product is called Phoenix Tears. Unfortunately, desperate, ill patients around the world experience poor quality "RSO", which launched a statement from Rick Simpson saying he does Not endorse any products called RSO and that his Phoenix Tears product, is the only one he supports. That being said, I'm not Rick Simpson! Nor do I work for, or represent Phoenix Tears. This is my work that I have been doing in Southern California for many years.

NHO as we call it, starts with completely Organic grown cannabis plants. The whole cannabis plant! We harvest and process this material in pure ethanol. We choose plants that would benefit our NHO "blends", mixing full seasoned sativas, indicas and their hybrids. Plants that have been bred by myself, or other genes that are tried and true for the last 20 years. Strains such as classic hazes, lights, kushes, diesels, afghans and their amazing hybrids to new CBD breeds. All in all, there's a lot of research and development that goes into producing our products, that I feel are safe and effective.


  • Non Smokeable
  • Ingest this product
  • 1cc beginning dose, about the size of a rice - As Needed
  • Full plant extraction
  • Ethanol Extraction (FDA Approved Process)
  • 20 plus years in Cannabinoid Healing and Breeding
  • A type of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO/ Phoenix Tears is made with Naphtha, a harsh solvent)
  • You Tube - Run From the Cure
  • Full body high
  • For use with conditions such as Inflammation, body aches, headaches, nausea, migraines, depression, abdominal issues, appetite, anxiety, bowel movements and complications from auto immune disorders... Actually, I'd like to know what it Doesn't help!
  • Chemotherapy and Radiation Recovery and Support
  • Natural Opiate Replacement for pain control and pharmaceuticals
  • Safe for pets
  • Live life, feel great